Highpointing: Campbell Hill, Ohio

Getting to Campbell Hill was a long day trip for me. I left Nashville early in the morning then headed north six hours to reach the highpoint. Fortunately the drive to and from was uneventful, the weather cooperated with a beautiful day and it was a relatively easy and straightforward shoot. Only two locations were used, with the second being just a little over a mile away.

The highpoint itself is very contained and right off the road. On a side note, this was the third highpoint I ever logged when I started my journey in the sport. It doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion, in fact you can follow the driveway all the way around until you reach a very short sidewalk that leads you right to it.

This episode as a whole was pretty easy to plan and execute. As mentioned above, I had the advantage of visiting Campbell Hill several years prior. I knew the shots I wanted and I knew most of the story I wanted to tell as well. My only concern was whether the grounds would be locked up. The good news was there was a law enforcement / emergency personnel conference being held so access was no problem at all. Surprisingly, for as nice as the weather was, there was only a few visitors to Ohio’s highpoint when we were filming which was also a benefit.

This was Scott Tomek’s debut behind the camera and he did a good job of framing the shots and keeping things moving along. His wife Dawn and his daughter Olivia also worked on the episode providing transportation and additional photography. They came down from Cleveland for an entertaining day of taking in the rooftop of Ohio.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this episode turned out. The script was solid, (though I did rewrite a few voice over sections) the sound was decent, and it was easy to edit. If there were one thing I need to correct in the future it would be the walk and talk scenes. I’m not getting the effect I want. I want to put some motion in the scene with the limited equipment I have. The original idea was to create an illusion of a tracking shot, but I think it comes off a bit distracting. That said you will continue to see the walking thing through the remainder of this season and into the start of season four since those are all the episodes that have been filmed to date. ‘

The other noticeable error was my mispronunciation of Bellefontaine. It was not until very recently I was informed the correct was to say it is “bell fountain.” I do regret the error. In addition, I wish I would have taken the opportunity to highlight the first concrete street in the country. That was an oversight and it could have worked as a set up for the Nebraska episode later in the season.

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