Highpointing: Charles Mound, Illinois

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Charles Mound is a good study in finding content. One of the challenges for some of the less “glamorous” highpoints is finding the hook or the story. Make no mistake, they all have a story to tell, sometimes it’s just hidden.

On the surface, there isn’t much to the highest point of Illinois. Charles Mound is the lowest state highpoint in the Midwest. It’s a bucolic hill set among other rolling hills amongst fields of corn and hay. It’s quaint; you can stroll up it, have a picnic, visit it when it is open and then go spend the rest of your day doing something else.

In this case it was focusing on the exclusivity of the highpoint and more importantly the geography and geology of the region. This is the only highpoint located in the Driftless Area (watch the video if you want to learn what that is.) Once I decided to focus on that topic the script came together pretty quickly.

This was shot over Labor Day weekend in September 2016 along with Wisconsin and Michigan. One of my best friends, Matt, and his two sons joined me to film the episode. There is nothing technically challenging about this episode with one exception. This was the first time I mounted the camera on the hood of the car to capture road footage. The rest we kept simple so we could hang out and have a good time.

The music is “Sunshine” written by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com. A fitting piece for the day. If you decide to visit Charles Mound make sure to go when it is open to the public. There are ten days of the year when you can stop in. You can find more information about access dates here.

As always, please contribute to the GoFundMe Campaign so we can keep producing this series. I hope you enjoy the episode!

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