Highpointing: Ebright Azimuth, Delaware

Welcome to our noisiest episode. Ebright Azimuth, as you have probably noticed, is right next to a fairly busy road. Of course we exacerbated this situation by shooting right around rush hour. I had convinced Alex and Brian to meet up with me at Washington National Airport right as my flight arrived. We would then go film at Ebright Azimuth that afternoon. By the time we arrived traffic was pretty constant. The shotgun mike helped focus the audio, but overall the sound for this episode is all over the place and my amateur editing skills really start showing.

While on the topic of editing, this episode took longer than any previous one to put together. I didn’t finish editing it until the middle of April; it was filmed in September 2016. It got put on the backburner while I produced several local commercials in Nashville and completed a few photography assignments. When I did get back to it I realized there would have to be some digging to fill some of the gaps missing from the shooting day. I was particularly proud of finding the front and back of that Trivial Pursuit card. (On a side note that question is badly written. Delaware does have the lowest mean elevation of any state in the US at 60 feet.)

Other things to note are my poor choice of costume. I’m not actually wearing my typical get up for this particular episode. I’m in the same clothes I wore flying to Washington D.C. earlier. Green is never a good color to wear on camera but that didn’t dawn on me until after I was looking at the footage a few weeks later. You can also see in the scene on the sidewalk the lens cap in my pocket.

Technically we tried to do something different with a two-camera set up. It didn’t come out quite as well as I had imagined and overall it was not worth the effort the team put in to make it work. Light was also a challenge since the setting sun played a bit of havoc as we tried to find various angles to make things at least aesthetically appealing.

This episode also has the first voice over in the series by someone other than me. In this instance it was my friend Zach Campbell who voiced the role of William Schenck.

The music is Comfortable Mystery by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com. Originally I had a different piece in mind, George Street Shuffle I felt would fit the urban environment. Once I started researching the highpoint it occurred to me it would be more interesting to make the hook the “mystery” behind the highpoint’s true location. So the jazz number was out and the more contemporary mystery theme took its place.

In an interesting twist this is one of the longest episodes of Rooftops to date. I am still rather amazed this episode turned out to be almost six minutes long. Originally it could have been longer as I had drafted out questions for Doreen Kupchick, the Queen of Ebright Azimuth. I hoped if we were lucky we could get a live interview with her. Unfortunately we did not get a chance to meet her. Hopefully when you visit you will!

As always if you have enjoyed this episode please consider donating to the Rooftops of America GoFundMe page. We start shooting our third season next month and any support is greatly appreciated.

(Good gravy, this is one of the longest commentaries written for an episode as well. Apparently I have a lot to say about Delaware.)

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