Highpointing: Hawkeye Point, Iowa

Iowa is a land of farms, notably corn and soybeans. It is an agricultural powerhouse and its highpoint reflects that legacy. Hawkeye Point is on the remains of a family farm, the Sterler’s farm to be precise. The summit is only a few yards away from a silo and depending on the time of year you visit you may have a have a view of the surrounding fields or have it blocked by a wall of tasseled corn. It is not the prettiest highpoint, but it is comfortable, with a friendly charm that welcomes you, encouraging you to take it easy for a spell.

The key to this episode was to embrace the community aspect of Hawkeye Point, for me that was the coolest element, the all-in attitude of the community to make it something special and the willingness to share it with the world. This isn’t always the case as you’ll see in the next episode. I also really enjoyed visiting and hiking to the top of Ocheyedan Mound, which fortunately is only a short drive to the east. Anytime I can connect the history dots always makes me happy.

I had been to Hawkeye Point previously which was one of the reasons I felt I could film it by myself. It had not changed all that much from my visit three years before so filming went quickly and was uneventful. Weather-wise I lucked out with a beautiful Iowa summer day. It is safe to say I am a lot more confident filming solo than when I started out.

The music is “Daily Beatle” by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com. It is a fun, upbeat piece that helps promote the positive nature of the episode. Overall there is nothing really technical about this Rooftops adventure, like Iowa it is comfortable and welcoming. If you get to Osceola County make sure to stop in at Hawkeye Point. It is a good place to stretch the legs, have a picnic, and slow done for a bit. As you’ll see in the next post

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