Highpointing: Magazine Mountain, Arkansas

The Magazine Mountain episode was the first one I ever filmed.  Originally I was trying to recruit my friend Dan to come down from Eureka Springs to film the episode with me, but family events meant he had to cancel so I had to shoot this one alone. It was quite the learning experience, the chief lesson being to bring someone along to have behind the camera.

I drove six and a half hours from Nashville to get to Magazine Mountain. I knew I would have to shoot fast to get everything I wanted so naturally I forgot to shoot as much B-roll as I should of. Another challenge was I had never been here and had no idea what to expect. One of the reasons other Season 1 episodes look better is because I had been to most of the highpoints before and knew the locations. I also didn’t have my equipment figured out yet. (Note the dead cat strands popping in the frame when I talk about how Magazine Mountain got its name)

Being the first episode I ever completed the script is a bit weak. (Woodall Mountain was the first I ever started writing.) I hadn’t quite figured out the formula on what I wanted to say and I don’t go into as much depth as I do in later episodes with other peaks. If I reshoot this I’d probably add another minute worth of footage and put in a little more voiceover. (Update: I’d double the length at a minimum, there is a lot of cool stuff I missed the first time.)

By the time I filmed the Washington DC episode a month later some of these issues would be worked out. The biggest contribution of this episode to the rest of the series is the music. In particular it led me to discover incompetech.com and Kevin MacLeod. That archive of music has scored numerous episodes of Rooftops since. The music for this episode is Drankin Song, which gives it a nice country, southern feel.

Overall this episode is watchable and the end result convinced me I could improve the quality and more importantly I wanted to keep making these. If you enjoyed this episode please consider subscribing on YouTube to the Rooftops of America channel. Click the bell icon while you are there for all the latest updates.  Also consider donating to the Rooftops of America GoFundMe Campaign so we can continue bringing you these episodes as we go highpointing across the USA. Thanks for watching!

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