Highpointing: Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

Mount Mitchell is the last highpoint episode for season 2, only the recap video to go! This peak is a favorite highpoint of mine. It is the king of the east; you won’t find a higher peak unless you head west to the Dakotas, south to the Dominican Republic, north to Quebec, or east to the Azores.

This was my second time attempting to film this peak. The first time was to be my practice run for winter shooting prior to my attempt at Mt. Mansfield in February. The plan was to shoot through the New Years weekend and combine this with Sassafras Mountain.

Unfortunately Old Man Winter decided this was not going to happen. I was successful in South Carolina on Saturday, but by Sunday the Blue Ridge Parkway was shut down due to weather. Also remember to check before you go! Winter turned to spring and by the end of April I knew I was running out of time to get back to Mount Mitchell to shoot.

Chris Lloyd makes his directorial debut behind the camera for this episode of Rooftops. I had previously worked with him on Kaleidoscope, an indie film that will hopefully see the light of day at some point. In addition to directing, Chris also shot a bunch of background footage for a future “making of” video. Brian Smith rounded out the crew, providing a steady hand and photography support.

Overall this episode came together fairly easily. Having been there before I knew most of the shots I needed to get, and also knew what storyline I wanted to write to. The team was able to shoot the entire script relatively quickly once we got on site. Weather cleared up by the time we got set up making for a beautiful day.

Technically we didn’t do too much since we did have a hike involved. I’m okay with keeping things relatively simple when we need to hike to a destination. This is another episode that ended up with footage on the cutting room floor. There was an entire sequence about neighboring Mt. Craig that included some historical background about the creation of the park but the since this episode was getting fairly long. You’ll have to tune into the Season 2 Recap to see the Mt. Craig footage.

Music for this episode is “Magic Forest” by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com. Back when I was making my first sketches and plans for the series I spent a good deal of time pairing up music with various highpoints. Some have changed to different pieces in the time since, but this one was always going to be for Mount Mitchell. It just seemed to fit the nature of the mountain and my thoughts on it.

If you have enjoyed this episode of Rooftops of America please consider contributing to the GoFundMe campaign. All contributions go to making more episodes of America’s state and territory highpoints. Thank you for watching.

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