Highpointing: Point Reno, District of Columbia

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Point Reno was the second episode in production order. While it looks a bit rough; it is a big step forward in what I envision Rooftops to be. Compared to the Arkansas episode this was an improvement in all aspects. The voice over, historical images to help carry the narrative, using the Ken Burns effect a bit more consistently; you can see the pieces starting to come together.

This is the episode I realized an additional person working behind the camera would be a requirement going forward. The Tenlytown Metro shots would have been a lot more challenging without the assistance of Alex Bland. For Alex this was his first outing and one of his first real video shoots. The real plus of having that second person was we could now start attempting some more complicated shots.

Looking back an extra hour of shooting may have been good to have, but at this point I was aiming for about three minutes of footage and figured I had enough. The episode was filmed in the afternoon after a long work day.

Point Reno as a highpoint is not the most impressive thing, but it does have an interesting hook with its more urban setting and getting there by metro. It’s also a historically rich location in Fort Reno National Park. While not a state highpoint it is one of those places that highpoint completionists may like to check out.

The music is by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com and is entitled “Cherry Blossom.” It’s got a fun little beat going on that works pretty well with the setting. Of course it would have been perfect for late March in DC, but that may have to wait till we remake this whole series twenty years from now.

If you find yourself in DC and need a nice break from the hubbub of the National Mall, then a journey up the red line for nice walk in the park may be worth your time.

In the gallery below I have also included images from a previous visit, a “winter” ascent so to speak. Enjoy!

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