Highland Rim – Season 4 Recap

Another season comes to a close. In addition to providing a chance to thank everyone (Summer, Hunter, Junior (a.k.a “Purple Ham,) Brian, & Brett) for taking the time to help create the season; I also like to use the season recaps as a chance to try new things that may eventually make it into upcoming episodes. This time it was a multi-location extravaganza across middle Tennessee exploring one of the defining geological structures of the region, the Highland Rim. The cherry on top was being able to include a county highpoint, Short Mountain in Cannon County, in the episode.

Filming-wise this episode took the longest time to shoot. It was five days and four distinct locations, fortunately the weather cooperated over the course of several October and November weekends. The end result is ok but could use a bit of refinement. Some of the transitions are unpolished and frankly each one of the highlighted areas could probably carry one of the intro or recap episodes all on its own (I’ve already started sketching out a larger piece on the Natchez Trace for a future episode.) Overall I’m satisfied with the result.

In some ways this multi-location structure is already taking place in the episodes but it definitely gets kicked up next season. Looking forward, Season 5 is well underway with four highpoint episodes already in the can and the final two scheduled to be filmed and edited in the next few months. Beyond that I’ve actually started writing scripts for season 6 and have started planning out the trips for season 7.

Music for this episode is a piece called “Whaling City” by Freedom Trail Studio from YouTube’s audio library. It adds a nice autumnal feel to the episode. The audio library is turning out to be another good place to find creative commons and royalty free music.

Season 4 was a big learning experience. Researching and writing more material to push some of the episodes past the ten minute mark, learning to film more efficiently and in some cases solo. There were two big highlights for me this season, Indiana and Texas. The first for being able to take one of the nondescript highpoints, Hoosier Hill, and make it into a pretty solid episode. The latter because Guadalupe Peak is one of the coolest highpoints we have visited to date.

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