Highpointing: Minor’s Hill, Arlington County, Virginia – BONUS!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Minor’s Hill, the first bonus highpointing episode of Rooftops of America. A while back it occurred to me that I could easily expand the series and highlight places of interest that wouldn’t be touched on if I adhered to a rigid interpretation of Rooftops of America. In some ways I have already been doing this with the season intros and recaps. While the main focus of the series continues to be state highpoints, on occasion I will also look at things like the highest sand dune in the US, the highest battlefield, highpoints of geographical oddities, and other things of that nature. Hopefully the end result will interesting and entertaining and you can expect to see them at the end of upcoming seasons.

For a highpoint that has a history associated with a view it is ironic that today Minor’s Hill pretty much has none.  If you were to visit it today other than the sign you would be hard pressed to find anything that would reveal its past. There are few, if any remaining structures, even the latter half of the 19th century. As stated in the episode the last one of note, a house present at the time of the Civil War, was knocked down in 2016. Today the hill is covered in houses with more going up. It would only be good for showcasing the sub-urbanization of the greater DC Metro area.

Minor’s Hill was chosen as the first for a simple reason. I had to travel to DC for work and had an available afternoon to film. It was a convenient location and would be a low-key shoot. Originally this was going to be part of an expanded DC episode but as the research got more involved there was enough material for it to stand on its own. This was Lea Wulliman’s first time behind the camera and it is a solid debut effort. Zach Campbell and Drew Blazejewski did voice over work for the episode. Zach has contributed in previous episodes and Drew has a bigger role coming up in Season 5. Drew also was responsible in tracking down the additional information about the hill at the Mary Riley Styles public library in Falls Church.

If you visit Minor’s Hill keep in mind the highpoint itself is not in the park with the sign but up N. Rockingham Street. It is a short walk in a fairly well trafficked neighborhood but there are sidewalks. You’ll be looking for this location (see image below.) Heading away from the park up the street you will find it on your right hand side. Remember to respect peoples’ property and leave no trace when you stop in.

Minor’s Hill summit.

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