Highpointing: Timms Hill, Wisconsin

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Timms Hill, the first one out the gate, but the last one filmed for season one. It shows too, the production value is a little tighter and so is the editing. It’s not perfect but definitely presentable. This was actual the second episode of a long weekend, the day before I filmed the Charles Mound episode, and day after was in the UP filming Mount Arvon.

It was a beautiful late summer day to go to Timms Hill to shoot. Few bugs, a nice breeze, a lot more people than expected, but that made for some fun conversation. It also was a big plus having additional crew with me. My sister Tawnie and one of my best friends, Dave, came along and directed. (Quick aside, Dave set up the Rooftops of America website for which I am indebted and grateful for.) The one downside of our day was the sun. It was very bright and noticeable in a few of scenes.

There were two locations for this video, the area around Timms Hill and then Rib Mountain. Tawnie also went back a few weeks later and snapped the photograph of the Rib Mountain summit I had forgotten when up there originally.

The Rib Mountain sequence was originally longer, but one scene ended up on the cutting room floor. I confused prominence with the distance of height from peak to terrain below. On a plus side, it was a good cut because it took away focus from the main topic of the video.

As for research, it was cool to find out some of the little hidden details about the highpoint. Gems like uncovering unsung hero Leonard Risberg, or one of the original names for the hill, Ostergren’s Kulle. These were all fun little nuggets to discover and without the help of the old Rib Lake Herald newspaper would have been a lot more challenging to find.

From a technical standpoint the driving footage is a new addition. It is a bit gratuitous but the urge to try out a new toy was strong and this seemed to be the place to do it.  The rest was all single camera shots with tripod, though I do like Dave’s pan shot of me climbing the tower and the shots in the woods have a nice lush feel to them.

Music for this episode is “Four Beers Polka” by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com. This was one of the few pieces of episode music I never second guessed. I knew immediately within the first five seconds of hearing it, this was the piece for Wisconsin.

If you get up to Timms Hill make sure to stop next door at the Hill of Beans for a cup a coffee and a slice of pie. It was a pleasant way to wrap up our shoot. If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments let me know below!

Timms Hill is the highpoint I have visited the most in my life so I have included those images as well. Enjoy!

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