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It’s time to launch Season 2. The episodes for this season are going to focus on highpoints that are relatively “easy to access,” though I admit I may be stretching that definition a bit with the season finale.

I am also going to start highlighting local sites in Nashville in my season intros and recaps.  Nashville is a fun city with a lot of cool sights. While I sort of did it with Love Circle and Eyrie Point in Season 1, I didn’t really talk about them much. I now am making it an official thing, and plan on going into a bit more depth about each one, and try to tie the various sites in with the theme of the season.

Of course this all sounds good right now, but I realize it may be a bit more complicated after a few seasons. I mention all of this to then tell you in this episode the concept didn’t quite work like I wanted it to.  The transitions are a bit rough between the highpointing parts and the Fort Negley. Part of the reason is I didn’t quite hit upon the idea until three hours before filming so I reworked the script and went and filmed it. Another part is I didn’t shoot this until the last minute.

Fort Negley is one of my favorite places to take people in Nashville. It’s got some very cool history, interesting military architecture, and is slightly off the beaten path.

From a technical standpoint this episode is very straight-forward, I was shooting by myself so there is no fancy camera work or tricks at play here. I filmed it rather quickly on a Sunday afternoon. The music is “Porch Swing Days” by Kevin MacLeod which I have used before in one of the first videos I ever created. (link for created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SDt9jFHmQs)

(On a side note, finding music for that video was how I discovered incompetech.com)

Thanks again for checking out Rooftops of America. We’ve got a good season planned so stick around. Also don’t forget to support through the gofundme campaign.

See you soon!

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