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I believe introductions are in order…

Hi, I’m Skye Marthaler and welcome to Rooftops of America.  This past spring, during a creative lull, I decided to combine a few of my favorite things, mix them together, and see what comes out.  Turns out combining writing, photography, filming, climbing, adventuring, and hiking, sprinkled with a dash of history, geography, geology, and Americana, yields something like this.

Rooftops of America

A website and video series about visiting state and territory highpoints and me talking to a camera and sharing (or oversharing in some cases) more information than you may care to know about well known, semi-obscure, and off the beaten path points of elevation. Toss in the fact that I am motivated and just crazy enough to have it in my head to visit all of them if possible. There is a good chance you may learn something about your own state’s highpoint or even better share some bit of knowledge with the rest of us.

A little background on the intro video for those interested; this was filmed up on Love Circle. I wanted to have a “highpoint” of some sort in the video to tie everything together. At one point it was the highest point in the old city of Nashville and during the Civil War it was one of the lynchpins of Fortress Nashville. Nowadays it is home to one of the reservoirs for the city.

I had all that information in the script and was fairly well rehearsed with it. It didn’t quite fit, but I’m a big believer in over-filming and thought I could make it work. That didn’t happen. I had planned for my dad to help film this episode but time didn’t permit so I was left in the unenviable position of solo filming. The excess got chopped and you see a more condensed video in its place. The view makes for a nice backdrop though.

Thanks again for checking out Rooftops of America. We’ve got a good season planned so stick around!

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  1. […] rain never let up until the final scene and it was greener than I had ever expected. So far in this highpointing journey these are the wettest conditions I have yet had to film in. Needless to say I learned a few things, […]

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