Welcome to Season 5 – Tennessee’s Natural Bridges

Hello again! Welcome to Season 5 of Rooftops of America.

At some point I am going to learn that “easy” survey type episodes are not always easy to pull together. This particular one required four separate days in four separate locations over the course of two months. It was another solo project. Originally I wanted to have it finished by mid-March but things didn’t work out as planned, I shot the last frame of this only a few days before the episode went up.

This episode has been percolating in my mind for some time. I find natural bridges and arches fascinating.  In the beginning was going to focus on just one, the Sewanne Natural Bridge, but as I started research I quickly arrived at two conclusions; the first, there was not enough material for that one location and second, “Good gravy! Have you seen how many arches are in the state of Tennessee?” After that light turned on it did not take long to whittle them down to four that would be “easy” to shoot. Plus each had enough common material to cobble and string them together a form a decent episode.

Technically not much to add other than I started tweaking the transitions during the shift from each location, lengthening them and adding in the black and white photos. Not sure if I will continue to do that in the future with highpoint specific episodes but it did help bookend each of the four sections, plus these places are very photogenic and it was nice to show them off a bit more. Music for the episode came from Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com and from Dan Lebowitz of lebomusic.com.

As I have stated before, the intro/ season recap episodes are fun to do because it allows me to show off other interesting things and stretch the concept a bit. It does not hurt one bit that the Twin Arches are the largest natural bridge complex in the eastern United States or that two of these places had really cool historical anecdotes associated with them. For in an intro episode it really is reflective on what I am trying to do with season 5.

Rooftops Season 5 is a big one; each of the highpoint episodes is over ten minutes, with half over fifteen. This has been a beast to finish but I’m very proud of all the work everyone has put in and hope that you all enjoy the upcoming episodes.

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